Kamil Dudka

QuickMenu (Javascript, PHP)

You can see QuickMenu component on this site on the left. It is normal tree menu as you now from your favourite e-shop. If you expand or collapse tree node, it works only on client's side - it ensures low latency. On the other side, all items has to be sent from server on page load, including not visible items.

QuickMenu component is suitable for tree with limited items count. You need to send all menu items from server on page load.

Since here it was plain menu you know. But QuickMenu has one more useful thing - the text box with blue label QuickFind. This is gate to instant search, which allows you to immediately find out item in the tree by typing a few characters to the text box. You have already known instant search from KDE applications, or for example from Opera. Recently discovered the power of instant search even Microsoft :-) But you don't meet instant search in web applications everyday.

Since there is too little content on Dudka.cz, the QuickMenu component is redundant - you can find yourself what you are looking for. Effectivity of QuickMenu comes out, when there are more (and more nested) items - you can try out on testing data counting 79 menu items.

Tested browsers

FF Firefox 2, 3 Opera Opera 9.60 Beta KHTML Konqueror 3, 4 IE Internet Explorer 6, 7

Source files