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Fast SAT Solver (C++, GAlib)

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fss (Fast SAT Solver)
    By Kamil Dudka <xdudka00@stud.fit.vutbr.cz>, 2008

This archive contains source codes of fss (Fast SAT Solver) bundled with source
codes of GAlib (A C++ Library of Genetic Algorithm Components). You can download
up-to-date fss source codes from http://dudka.cz/fss, GAlib sources from

The software for this work used the GAlib genetic algorithm package, written by
Matthew Wall at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

fss is covered by GPL v3+ license, see COPYING file for more details. GAlib is
licensed under terms of MIT license, see LICENSE file in the GAlib directory for
more details.

Build system CMake (http://www.cmake.org/) is required for successful build.
Just type 'make' to build GAlib, compile fss and link against GAlib. On
successful build, binaries will be in directory 'build'. For now only GNU/Linux
is supported, but source codes are intended to be portable. For Gentoo Linux an
ebuild is available on project web page http://dudka.cz/fss

Built executables:
./build/fss             fss executable
./build/fss-satgen      random SAT problem generator (see documentation)

Project documentation (in Czech language only) is in 'doc/proj_doc.pdf', full
LaTeX sources are included. You can also generate API documentation (in English
language) using Doxygen (http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/). To do so, go to
doc/api directory and run 'make'. Both documentations are available on the
project web page http://dudka.cz/fss

Archive content
./COPYING               GPL v3 license
./data                  examples of fss input/output
./doc                   documentation
./doc/api               API documentation template
./doc/proj_doc.pdf      built project documentation (in Czech language only)
./galib247              GAlib sources
./galib247/LICENSE      GAlib license
./Makefile              root Makefile
./src                   fss sources