Fast SAT Solver File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
doxygen.h [code]Doxygen documentation (common part)
BlindSatSolver.cpp [code]
BlindSatSolver.h [code]BlindSatSolver class using brute force method to solve SAT problem
Formula.cpp [code]
Formula.h [code]Propositional formula representation
fss-satgen.cpp [code]
fss.cpp [code]
fssIO.cpp [code]
fssIO.h [code]I/O module
GaSatSolver.cpp [code]
GaSatSolver.h [code]GaSatSolver class using GAlib library to solve SAT problem
SatProblem.cpp [code]
SatProblem.h [code]SAT Problem representation
SatSolver.cpp [code]
SatSolver.h [code]ISatItem, IObserver and AbstractSatSolver with its base classes
SatSolverObserver.cpp [code]
SatSolverObserver.h [code]Set of useful observers attachable to AbstractSatSolver or its base classes
Scanner.cpp [code]
Scanner.h [code]Extensible lexical scanner used for reading SAT Problem specification

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