nucad Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AbstractGateAbstract IGate implementation defining gate's interface only
AbstractProcessBase class of simple multi-step process
AbstractProcessWatchedMulti-step process with time-watch extension
AbstractSubjectSimple subject's base class
AndGateAND gate generic implementation
BinderCollection of universal binders for specified count of inputs/outputs
Binder< 2, 1 >Generic binder - 2 input signals, 1 output signal
Binder< 2, 2 >Generic binder - 2 input signals, 2 output signals
Binder< 3, 1 >Generic binder - 3 input signals, 1 output signal
Binder< 3, 3 >Generic binder - 3 input signals, 3 output signals
Binder< 4, 4 >Generic binder - 4 input signals, 4 output signals
Binder< 5, 1 >Generic binder - 5 input signals, 1 output signal
BindInputTemplate for input wire binding
BindNothingEmpty IGateBinding implementation which binds nothing
BindOutputTemplate for output wire binding
BusGateTrivial gate's implementation which gives its input to its output unchanged
CaDesignerNon-uniform CA designer using GAlib library
CaEvalParamsCA evaluation parameters
CaEvaluatorCA evaluator runs the given CA and evaluates its fitness for the desired purpose
CaEvaluatorFactoryClass responsible for evaluators creation
CaStateSimple CA state representation
Global variable is used inside this class
CommonGateBaseCommon base class for all gates defined by a binary operator
CrossGateSame as BusGate, but output wires are connected in reverse order
CT_ASSERT< true >Compile-time assertion (used to check binding)
DefParamsDefault evaluation parameters used by PrivateFactory if not specified otherwise
FitnessWatchObserver which write out message when maxFitness value is increased
FixedFloatHigh-level stream manipulator for fixed floats
GaCaRulesICaRules implementation which can be easily used by GAlib
GaCaRulesSetSet container for GaCaRules objects (usually for solutions)
GateFactoryStatic-only factory creating evaluators for GATE circuits
ICaRulesInterface to define rules of non-uniform CA
IGateThe most generic interface of designed (and/or simulated) circuit, most commonly a logical gate
IGateBindingInterface to define a binding between simulated gate and designed CA
IObserverSimple observer's base class
ISubjectSimple observer's subject base class
MulBinderCollection of mul2x3/mul3x3 binders
MulBinder< 5, 3 >Mul2x3 binder (CA 3x3)
MulBinder< 6, 3 >Mul3x3-ca3x3 binder
MulBinder< 6, 4 >Mul3x3-ca4x4 binder
MulFactoryStatic-only factory creating evaluators for mul2x3/mul3x3 circuits
MulGateLogical multiplier
Mux4FactoryStatic-only factory creating evaluators for mux4 circuits
MuxGate< 3 >Mux2 implementation (2+1 inputs, 1 output)
MuxGate< 6 >Mux4 implementation (4+2 inputs, 1 output)
OrGateOR gate generic implementation
PosCA cell position
PrivateFactoryStatic-only evaluator factory used as basic block of other (more specialised) factories
ProgressWatchObserver which write out progress percentage when it is changed
ResultsWatchObserver which write out message when solution is found
SolutionsCountStopObserver which stop solver after specified count of solutions is found
TimedStopObserver which stops process after specified time
WireCrossFactoryStatic-only factory creating evaluators for wire-cross circuits
XorGateXOR gate generic implementation

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