Radiosity Renderer and Visualizer Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ArgumentParserGeneric command-line arguments parser
BarrelEntityBarrel entity
ColorColor representation - 3 float (r, g, b) in range <0.0, 1.0>
ComputeArgumentsCommand-line arguments parser for compute binary
ConsoleProgressIndicatorConsole progress indicator for RadiosityRenderer
CuboidEntityCuboid entity
DirectPatchSequenceEnumeratorClass for leaf nodes of PatchSequenceEnumerator object tree
EntityWrapper around TriangleSet performing its (de)serialization
EntitySetContainer of Entity objects
FormFactorEngineCompute all form factors for any destination patch
GlobeEntityGlobe entity
IndirectPatchSequenceEnumeratorClass for non-leaf nodes of PatchSequenceEnumerator object tree
PatchCacheCache for radiosity renderer
PatchCacheLineLow-level cache for radiosity renderer
PatchRandomAccessEnumeratorIndexed access to patches stored in generic hierarchical structure
PatchSequenceEnumeratorTree-topology patch enumerator
ProgressObserverMultiStepObserver for multi-step progress subject. Design pattern observer
ProgressSubjectMultiStepObserver's subject. Design pattern observer
RadiosityRendererRadiosity rendering engine
SceneHigh-level interface to scene representation
SpatialVector3-axes vector - simple structure
TeapotEntityTeapot entity
TransformMatrix3D transformations
TriangleLow-level triangle representation - plain structure. This structure contains 3 Vertexes and 3 Colors (needed for radiosity rendering)
TriangleEntityTODO: Document
TriangleExtExtension to Triangle to carry per-vertex colors
TriangleSetContainer for Triangle objects
TriangleSetExtExtension to TriangleSet to carry per-vertex colors
Vertex3D vertex (3 axes - x, y, z)
VisualizeArgumentsCommand-line arguments parser for visualize binary
VisualizerScene visualization

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