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Maintain page language selection. More...

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Public Member Functions

 getLang ()
string Selected language.

 handleLangSelect ()
 Read client request for language selection.
 isLangCz ()

Static Public Member Functions

static singleton ()
 Access point to singleton.

Detailed Description

Maintain page language selection.

Selection is stored as session variable. Prefered is user language selection. If there is no user selection, browser default is used. Design pattern singleton.

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Member Function Documentation

LangSelect::getLang (  ) 

string Selected language.

For now, "en" and "cz" are possible.

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Referenced by isLangCz().

LangSelect::handleLangSelect (  ) 

Read client request for language selection.

If there is no slection browser default is used. This function should be called first when a new page is being build.

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LangSelect::isLangCz (  ) 

Use LangSelect::getLang method instead.
bool Return true if language "cz" is selected.

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References getLang().

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static LangSelect::singleton (  )  [static]

Access point to singleton.

reference Reference to singleton object.

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Referenced by L10n::tr(), and L10n::trMap().

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