FncDeclaration Struct Reference

#include <vm.h>

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Detailed Description

common data for fnc declaration/definition

Definition at line 129 of file vm.h.

Public Member Functions

 FncDeclaration ()
 non-declared void anonymous function
 FncDeclaration (const FncDeclaration &)
 deep copy
FncDeclarationoperator= (const FncDeclaration &)
 deep copy
virtual ~FncDeclaration ()

Public Attributes

Var self
 function declaration/definition as Var object
VarSet args
 function arguments (names and values make sense only for FncDefinition objects)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

FncDeclaration (  ) 

non-declared void anonymous function

Definition at line 285 of file vm.cc.

FncDeclaration ( const FncDeclaration other  ) 

deep copy

Definition at line 292 of file vm.cc.

References args.

~FncDeclaration (  )  [virtual]

Definition at line 289 of file vm.cc.

Member Function Documentation

FncDeclaration & operator= ( const FncDeclaration other  ) 

deep copy

Definition at line 298 of file vm.cc.

References args, and self.

Member Data Documentation

Var self

function declaration/definition as Var object

Definition at line 136 of file vm.h.

Referenced by FncSet::addDeclaration(), FncSet::addDefinition(), FncFactory::Private::addDefinition(), Builder::chkBlockStack(), VmRunner::Private::chkFncRefs(), chkUnused(), VmRunner::Private::chkUnusedFncs(), CmdFactory::createAssign(), CmdFactory::createPush(), ReturnCmd::exec(), Builder::fncCall(), Builder::fncDecl(), Builder::fncDef(), Builder::fncDefArg(), Builder::fncDefBody(), Builder::fncDefVar(), operator=(), and operator==().

VarSet args

function arguments (names and values make sense only for FncDefinition objects)

Definition at line 139 of file vm.h.

Referenced by chkUnused(), CmdFactory::createAssign(), CmdFactory::createPush(), CallCmd::exec(), ArgCmd::exec(), Builder::fncCall(), FncDeclaration(), Builder::fncDeclArg(), Builder::fncDefArg(), Builder::fncDefVar(), operator=(), and operator==().

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