nucad File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
doxygen.h [code]Doxygen documentation (common part)
Ca.cpp [code]Implementation of CaState, CaEvaluator and ICaRules helper functions
Ca.h [code]Basic type definitions, classes CaState, CaEvalParams and interfaces ICaRules, IGate and IGateBinding
CaDesigner.cpp [code]Implementation of GaCaRules, GaCaRulesSet and class CaDesigner with its base classes and observers
CaDesigner.h [code]Core class CaDesigner with its helpers and observers
CaFactory.cpp [code]Implementation of basic circuits shipped with nucad, all registered in a factory class CaEvaluatorFactory
CaFactory.h [code]Basic building blocks of simulated circuits, generic implementation of common gates and templates from their binding to CA
check.cpp [code]Command-line utility which can work with (partial or complete) solutions found by nucad
Color.cpp [code]Implementation of classes Color and FixedFloat
Color.h [code]Colorized console output
config.h [code]Gathered various compile-time options of nucad
nucad.cpp [code]Implementation of nucad binary used to run the (r)evolution

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