Dudka.cz Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
CharsetConverterDummy wrapper around iconv library
CharsetDetectorInteligent charset detector - basic interface
CharsetStreamAnalyzerThis class analyzes text to detect its charset
CharsetStreamAnalyzerFactoryFactory for CharsetStreamAnalyzer objects
CharsetWeightMapCharset analyse's data container
CharsetWeightMapItemClass containing data of charset weight map item
CharsetWeightMapIteratorRealization of ICharsetWeightMapIterator used in CharsetWeightMap class
ClassFactoryMaintains includes of files containing class definitions. Use this class rather than rquire_once()
ConfigSingleton Config holds configuration data
ExceptionNotFoundPage requested by user not found
ExceptionRedirectNested page requested by user not found
FbFileTypeFile name analyzator
FbScanDirScan directory for files and directories and sort list by desired column
FileBrowserServer part of FileBrowser component
ICharsetWeightMapIteratorInterface of charset weight map iterator
ICharWeightMapListInterface of extensible character weight maps
IInputStreamInput stream interface
IndentorIndentor is (x)html page source code indenting engine
JSOnloadListMaintain list of Javascript function invoked on page load (at client's side)
LangSelectMaintain page language selection
PageServerStands for page xml templates transformation and cache
QuickMenuServer part of QuickMenu component
RedirectClass sends redirect request to client
ScriptServerScriptServer sends JavaScript files to client
SmartyFactoryMaintains Smarty objects creation

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