PatchCache Class Reference

Cache for radiosity renderer. More...

#include <PatchCache.h>

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Public Member Functions

 PatchCache (PatchRandomAccessEnumerator *patchEnumerator, float ffTreshold, long maxCacheSize)
 ~PatchCache ()
Color totalRadiosity (int destPatch)
Return radiosity summarized from all patches.

long int cacheRawSize () const
 Return current patch cache size.


class  TQueueItem

Detailed Description

Cache for radiosity renderer.

Now using priority queue to optimal usage of given memory.

Definition at line 22 of file PatchCache.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

PatchCache::PatchCache ( PatchRandomAccessEnumerator patchEnumerator,
float  ffTreshold,
long  maxCacheSize 

patchEnumerator Shared instance of PatchRandomAccessEnumerator.
ffTreshold Pair of patches with smaller form factor than formFactorTreshold will be ignored.
maxCacheSize Maximum size of patch cache (in bytes).
Maximum cache size is raw size (estimated). The real cache size can be greater.

PatchCache::~PatchCache (  ) 

Member Function Documentation

Color PatchCache::totalRadiosity ( int  destPatch  ) 

Return radiosity summarized from all patches.

This computation respectes form factor for each patch.

destPatch Destination patch to compute radiosity for.

long int PatchCache::cacheRawSize (  )  const

Return current patch cache size.

This is raw size (estimated). The real cache size can be greater.

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