Radiosity Renderer and Visualizer File List

Here is a list of all files with brief descriptions:
ArgumentParser.h [code]Class ArgumentParser - generic command-line arguments parser
BarrelEntity.h [code]Class BarrelEntity
ComputeArguments.h [code]Class ComputeArguments - Command-line arguments parser for compute binary
ConsoleProgressIndicator.h [code]Class ConsoleProgressIndicator - Console progress indicator for RadiosityRenderer
CuboidEntity.h [code]Class CuboidEntity
Entity.h [code]Abstract class Entity - wrapper around TriangleSet performing its (de)serialization
EntitySet.h [code]Class EntitySet - container of Entity objects
FormFactorEngine.h [code]Class FormFactorEngine - compute form factors
GlobeEntity.h [code]Class GlobeEntity
PatchCache.h [code]Class PatchCache - cache for radiosity renderer
PatchCacheLine.h [code]Class PatchCacheLine - low-level cache for radiosity renderer
PatchRandomAccessEnumerator.h [code]Class PatchRandomAccessEnumerator - indexed access to patches
PatchSequenceEnumerator.h [code]Class PatchSequenceEnumerator - tree-topology patch enumerator
ProgressObserverMultiStep.h [code]Class ProgressObserverMultiStep - Observer for progress subject (usually RadiosityRenderer)
ProgressSubjectMultiStep.h [code]Class ProgressSubjectMultiStep - observer's subject (base for RadiosityRenderer)
RadiosityRenderer.h [code]Class RadiosityRenderer - radiosity rendering engine
Scene.h [code]Class Scene - high-level interface to scene represenatation
TeapotEntity.h [code]Class TeapotEntity
TransformMatrix.h [code]Class TransformMatrix - 3D transformations
Triangle.h [code]Structure Triangle and its component structures
TriangleEntity.h [code]TODO: Document
TriangleSet.h [code]Class TriangleSet - container for Triangle objects
TriangleSetExt.h [code]Class TriangleSetExt - extension to TriangleSet to carry per-vertex colors
VisualizeArguments.h [code]Class VisualizeArguments - Command-line arguments parser for visualize binary
Visualizer.h [code]Class Visualizer - scene visualization

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