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Flex/Bison based compiler and interpreter written in C++


An easy-to-read example of Flex/Bison usage in combination with the C++ language and Boost libraries. The program uses object oriented design and design patterns. Additionally its code is pretty short thanks to above mentioned compiler generators. The input language of compiler/interpreter is not very useful at all. However the program consists of a few generally (re)usable components. The program is licensed under GPLv3. See the README or its sources for more info.

Radiosity Renderer and Visualizer

Randiosity Renderer and Visualizer

Radiosity is a global illumination algorithm used in 3D computer graphics rendering. Its computation is time-consuming. RRV stands for simple implementation of radiosity renderer and visualizer based on OpenGL.

Fast SAT Solver

emulT9 snapshot

Fast SAT Solver is an program, which solves the Boolean satisfiability problem using genetic algorithm (GA). Thanks to GA, (some) instances of this problem can be solved much faster than problem's theoretical complexity expects to.