Kamil Dudka

Share Library (C++)


Share Library is library providing easy inter-process communication (IPC) using C++ objects placed in shared memory. You can download project's source code, project documentation and one more comprehensive document about IPC - my Bachelor's thesis.

Bachelor's thesis

Thesis considers problems of IPC (Inter Process Communication) in modern operating systems. It is concentrated on usage of shared memory as IPC in object-oriented language C++. Thesis includes design and implementation of library, which provides easy end effective usage of shared memory. The library makes possible to share C++ language's objects between processes. Furthermore it creates platform-independent interface for work with shared memory on operating systems Linux and Microsoft Windows. Effectivity of shared memory usage as kind of ICP is evaluated in the conclusion of the thesis.

Source code

Project documentation

Project documentation can be generated from source codes - this way you can ensure that documentation corresponds with source code. To generate documentation just type:

$ make doc

Target will be in directory doc/html. In directory doc are configuration files for documentation generation. You will also need Doxygen installed.

Library build