Kamil Dudka

RRV - Radiosity Renderer and Visualizer (C++, OpenGL)



Radiosity is a global illumination algorithm used in 3D computer graphics rendering. Its computation is time-consuming. RRV stands for simple implementation of radiosity renderer and visualizer based on OpenGL.

Though this implementation is pretty simple, interesting results were reached with it. Moreover this computation is, thanks to HW acceleration, really fast. The time of computation is individual and depends on complexity of input scene and selected parameters. During tests the time fluctuated in the range from a couple of minutes to a couple of days.

Using RRV a short video was created (about 20 seconds), which shows, how the radiosity is distributed during the time of computation. The main advantage of this implementation consists in its simplicity.


Source code


Input/output data format

Blame of individual team members

  • David Bařina, xbarin02
    - form factor computation using OpenGL
    - transformation of primitives (sphere, barrel, teapot) to polygonal representation

  • Kamil Dudka, xdudka00
    - object model
    - patch division
    - form factor cache
    - color interpolation

  • Jakub Filák, xfilak01
    - XML I/O, DTD
    - command line arguments parser

  • Lukáš Hefka, xhefka00
    - program for visualization
    - sample input scene